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Bathtub Accessories

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

What do you do when you are in your bathtub? Do you just take a bath and get out in a hurry or you actually enjoy your bath with bathtub accessories? If it’s the former, you are certainly missing out on some of the major fun of taking a bath. It is very possible to have real fun during a quality bath in your bathroom.

I will be showing you some of the bathtub accessories that you can make use of to use with your bathtub to spice up your bathroom experience.

  1. Luxury bathtub pillow: This provides support for your head as you lie in the bathtub. It is attached to the tub by means of two suction cups. It normally has a rather narrow size in order for it to fit into any of the standard sized bathtubs, but smaller ones do exist if you have a small bathtub. The filling is kept dry by a water resistant liner while the cover may be removed for cleaning or laundering.

  2. Inflatable bath pillow: You can inflate this bathtub pillow to make it as firm as you wish. Its extra large size makes it ideal for real relaxation while the vinyl cover gives it an extra smooth feeling. If you have a large and deep bathtub, you have got to use this pillow. You attach it to the tub with four suction cups.

  3. Shower seat  bench with height adjustable legs: You might find yourself in need of support when you are in the bathtub. You will find these bathtub accessories to be very nice. It has a molded seat design and comes with sports drainage holes in its rubber tips. It is especially recommended for those who might have some form of physical disability or even a little injury.

  4. Shower chair: These bathtub accessories can be used by anyone while in the bathtub.  They also work pretty well for those who may have injured themselves and find it a bit hard to just recline in the bathtub.  A shower chair comes with an aluminium frame that makes it corrosion resistant and also adjustable. Its angled legs also make it pretty stable for use.

  5. Umbra Aquala bathtub caddy: Easily one of the best ways to have fun in the bathtub. You can just relax and read your favorite book while in the tub with this caddy. Featuring a bamboo and chrome finish, it is pretty compact and easy to store. It features a foldaway book support, soap holder, and a wine glass holder. It is a very wonderful bathtub accessory to have in your bathroom.

  6. Extra long deluxe bath mat: One experience you certainly do not need is to slip in the tub. You do not want to have to buy the shower chair for any reason other than convenience. You certainly need to get the bath mat. This will prevent you or any other user of your tub from slipping in the bathtub. Its allergen free vinyl material is ideal for hygienic purposes. And to cap it all, this bath mat can be machine washed for a long number years.

These are some of the many bathtub accessories that may enhance your experience.  Enjoy the fun times that lie ahead.