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Cast Iron Bathtubs

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

Adding cast iron bathtubs to any bathroom can be a great way to really dress up the area.  But what’s more, they can provide you with a brand new way to soak your troubles away, right in your own home.  There are cast iron bathtubs of practically any design, or size, for practically any purpose.  The main thing is simply determining the best type of tub for you, depending upon the way that you’re most likely to use the new addition.  That will help you determine a good idea of the cost you can expect, as well as the size that you will need.  Plus it will help you pick out the perfect style for your home.

When it comes to cast iron bathtubs there are a wide variety of different styles, depending upon the use that you may have in mind.  The main choice will be choosing a more modern rectangular tub, versus the more antique clawfoot tub style.  When you’re looking for something to add a more classic or antique feel to your room, nothing will compare with the style that clawfoot cast iron bathtubs afford you. These are large rectangular devices, that feature a smooth and rounded lip. Unlike other tub types, they are also raised above the ground with the use of four pegs shaped like claws, that serve as the base.

When you’re looking for a more modern style to compliment your bathroom, you can’t go wrong with standard rectangular cast iron bathtubs.  These are installed level with the floor, and usually feature straight rectangular sides that extend all the way to the floor.  They feature rounded edges for a more comfortable feel, but without the same level of curve that a clawfoot tub may provide.  Although this version of cast iron bathtubs are also ideal for installing a shower, for a combined bathing area.  This can provide extra choice, and extra convenience when you don’t have time to take a bath.

Once you’ve decided the right type for your home, the main thing will be choosing the right size of cast iron bathtubs.  You’ll want one that’s large enough to provide a perfectly roomy and comfortable place to lay down, but also a tub that will fit comfortably into your bathroom.  This means you’ll want to determine the amount of space that you have available in the room.  If you’ll be replacing an existing tub, you’ll want to measure how large the existing structure is, so that you can replace it with one of similar size.  Otherwise you’ll simply want to measure the area where the tub will go, so that you can determine the best size for your comfort, and style concerns.

When you’re looking to purchase cast iron bathtubs of any kind, the best place to go is usually going to be a hardware store.  Typically big retailers like Home Depot feature practically any type of fixture you could possibly need for the home, and that includes bathtubs.  There you should be able to find the perfect cast iron bathtubs, no matter your preference.