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Choosing Bathtub Surrounds for Easy Shower Remodeling Projects

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

Remodeling the bathroom is something that most people aspire to doing every so often, but that can be a huge hassle for you to have to deal with as well.  That’s why you have to be prepared for the hassle by getting around the annoyances with the right types of additions that can remake without stressing you out.  That’s why bathtub surrounds have become so popular.  They literally allow you to install a ready made shower enclosure right in your bathroom, so that you can enjoy the new attractive look in mere days instead of the weeks that it could take otherwise.

That’s going to mean that you can spend more time enjoying the bathroom, and the new creative look, without any of that annoyance and the stress that normally comes with bathroom remodeling.  Plus if you only have the one bathroom, the endless problem of where you’re going to shower will already be solved, as you won’t have to wait that long at all for your bathroom to be finished completely.  But there are some things that you have to think about otherwise, and they are going to include:

1. First up, do your measuring.

This is a necessary part of the process if you want to ensure that you can install a bathtub surrounds structure properly.  Bathtub liners can be fantastic but only if they are going to fit your tub, and the new vision of your bathroom.  That means you have to measure the space that you have, the clearance to the ceiling, and size of your walls and the size of the tub.  This way, you know what you have to buy, what you have to work around, or just what you’re not going to be able to install either.

2. Pick out a material.

This is vital as it’s going to dictate the overall look, and even style of the bathtub surrounds that you’re going to be buying. There are all sorts of materials out there, but choosing carefully is necessity so that you can make sure you have a really stylish bathroom.  Here they are in order of cost, as well as longevity:

Plastic/acrylic molds

These are the bottom of the line, as they use very cheap materials which ensure that they are lightweight and really easy to install.  However, they are also not very durable, and while they are waterproof and will not wear down easily purely because of the water.  They don’t handle weight so well, and long term use will slowly cause them to crack and break apart, and that’s not really what you want to have to deal with in the end.

Porcelain liners

If you’re looking for quality bathtub surrounds, that should still be pretty affordable, then this is probably more your style.  What you get with porcelain is that clean shine that you always want from a bathroom, as they are glossy and have plenty of sparkle.  That way the bathroom will naturally have that clean and attractive look which is what you really want.  Plus they are made out of the same really durable material as your toilet, and you’ve never had an issue with that cracking apart right?

Marble or stone

Of course, if you want the utmost in bathtub surrounds, then you have to go with authentic marble or stone, as nothing is going to be more visually attractive.  Quite heavy however, and something that you have to make sure the property can actually support before installing.  But they are the utmost in quality and so long as you maintain the barrier that protects the stone from the water, then you can ensure they are going to outlast you guaranteed.

3. Remember to choose a shape that you find attractive.

Finally, you just want to ensure that you choose the right type of shape.  You’ll find that you can choose the classic rectangular type of bathtub surrounds shape.  Or you can cut out the tub altogether and just buy a shower enclosure that’s made for a corner. These can open up quite a bit more space, and so are ideal for use when you want to make the most out of a cozy bathroom.  That way you can remodel to make them more spacious, no matter how limited.