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Corner Bathtubs

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

The bathroom in a home can be a relaxing place to spend some time and soaking in a hot bath is something that many people like to do. However if you live in a home that has a smaller bathroom it may not always be that convenient to fit in a bathtub and even if you do it can greatly reduce the amount of space available. An option to consider in this case is corner bathtubs and these can be a space saving option that gives your bathroom a more functional style.

As the name suggests corner bathtubs are designed to be fitted into a corner of a room. Typically they are five sided with a triangular tub, although the interior shape of the tub can be fashioned in a range of designs including rectangular and oval. They can be designed for two person use and their major advantage is that they free up space which would otherwise be taken up by a wall to wall bathtub. This will provide a number of options for re-designing your bathroom and can give it a more spacious feel. This can be particularly appealing for smaller bathrooms although they are suitable for use in any size of bathroom.

Corner bathtubs are typically built in and are available in a number of different materials such that a suitable style can be found for most bathroom designs. Some of the materials available include acrylic, cast iron, resins and copper. They are usually manufactured with a deck which can be used for the storage of bathroom supplies such as soap, cloths and shampoos and this can be an added advantage of installing one. They can also have water jets installed turning them into a relaxing Jacuzzi style bath and this can be another benefit of their use.

If you are considering the use of corner bathtubs in your home there are many models available on the market. Some of the manufacturers that produce them include Whirlpool, American Standard and Duravit. They are also relatively affordable to buy with prices starting in the range $500 to $1,000. An example of this is the American Standard Colony Corner bathtub which retails for around $740. This is manufactured of acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement making it a durable tub. It has a center drain outlet and molded arm rests making it a comfortable bath to use. The bathtub is finished in white meaning it is suitable for most bathroom designs.

More expensive corner bathtubs can cost $2,000 plus, with the Whirlpool Dual Corner bathtub being an example of this. The bathtub is oval in shape and comes in a range of colors to fit in with the interior design of most bathrooms. It is constructed of heavy resin with fiberglass backing and features 6 individually adjustable jets which can provide a relaxing massage. This bathtub for use in a corner location costs around $2,100 to purchase.

If you are considering options to provide a better layout in your bathroom then corner bathtubs are something to look at. They can be ideal for smaller bathrooms although can be used in any size of room. Their use can provide a little more available room in your bathroom creating a more spacious feeling. This makes them worth looking at when you are searching for a new bathtub for your home.