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Glass Shower Doors

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

Many people like having a shower, especially in the morning when it is a quicker and more convenient way of getting ready to face the day in comparison to having a bath. The bathrooms in most properties these days have either a shower over the bath or a separate shower unit. If you have a shower unit then installing glass shower doors can be a simple way to give this a clean and attractive appearance.

Glass shower doors typically come in a couple of different varieties. The traditional and most common style was a pane of glass with a metal frame. This is generally made of a thinner pane of glass with the metal frame providing support and strength. However, as the pane of glass tends to be thinner this type of shower door can be prone to damage and the gaps between frame and door are places where dirt and grime can collect and be difficult to clean.

In recent times frameless glass shower doors have become a popular choice for many people and these can have a few advantages over framed glass doors. Without the metal frame for support the glass in a frameless door needs to be stronger and it is typically made of tempered, strengthened glass. This means it is less prone to suffering damage and also means that it should last longer. As the door is made of one pane of glass with no frame, there are no gaps where grime and mold can collect and this can make it easier to keep clean. These advantages mean that frameless glass doors for showers are becoming a popular choice.

Whichever type of glass shower doors you choose you will need to consider the type of finish for the glass. Clear glass is an option although this can be more difficult to clean with streaks and spots being a little more obvious. If you like privacy in the shower then clear glass is also not the best option to choose. Opaque doors are an alternative to clear glass and these come in a range of styles which can include frosted, patterned or even stained glass. These can provide a room with an attractive look and offer a little more privacy for the person taking a shower. Other options you will need to consider when looking for glass doors for a shower is how these open. There are a few options available including sliding doors, bi-fold doors and swinging doors. Typically the space you have available will determine the best type for your bathroom.

If your intention is to install glass shower doors then there are a number of options for purchasing these. One of the manufacturers that produces glass door for showers is Basco and they produce a number of doors that are designed to specifically fit some of the well known branded shower units. Other manufacturers to consider include Alumax Shower Doors, Holcam Bath and Shower Enclosures and Artistcraft Shower Doors. The best way to find a dealer that stocks the products of these companies is to use their company websites. For the most part they have dealer locator features which can be used to find the nearest dealer or retailer to your home.

Glass shower doors can add an attractive touch to your shower unit and are therefore a good option to select for your bathroom. With the options available most people should be able to find a style that blends in with the decor of their bathroom and which enhances the overall appearance of the room.