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Handicap Bathtubs

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

While most able bodied people don’t think twice about taking a bath or shower, things are not always so easy for those that are handicapped. Gaining access to a bath can be a difficult task and while grab bars and benches can be used to convert a standard bath tub for easier use, handicap bathtubs can be a more effective solution for a handicapped individual.

There are various degrees of handicap from those that walk with a stick, to those that need crutches to others who need a wheelchair to get around. This can make life harder and the simple things that most people take for granted can prove to be a little more difficult for those with a handicap. However most handicapped people rightly want to have some independence and installing the correct features in a home can help with this. Handicap bathtubs are an example of this and these can help those with mobility issues more easily bathe.

Handicap bathtubs are manufactured with a range of features that can help people with a disability more easily gain access to a bathtub. Most are fitted with a door which has a watertight seal that stops water leaking from the bath when it is full. For those with mobility issues stepping over the side of a conventional bath may not be possible and can raise safety issues. However a bath with a door makes it much easier to get into and out of a bath and this makes a slip or fall much less likely. It can be used by those that have limited walking ability and also those that are wheelchair bound. However care should still be taken when the floor of the bath is wet and many bathtubs for handicapped individuals have additional safety features such as grab bars and anti-slip floors to make using the bathtub easier.

There are other features which can be included in handicap bathtubs to make life easier such as power seats. This makes it easier for a handicapped individual to lower themselves into the water and then get back in a position to more easily exit the bath. The obvious benefit of a bathtub with handicap features is that those that are disabled can get fully submerged in the water and this can have therapeutic benefits, as well as being a relaxing way to spend some time. Many of the baths are fitted with hydrotherapy jets which can further benefit those taking a bath.

If you are considering purchasing handicap bathtubs there are a few companies that specialize in these. Meditub is one of these and they have a range of bathtubs available which are designed with handicap features to make them safer and more convenient for use by those with a disability. Other manufacturers to consider include Seabridge Bathing, American Walk in Tubs and Accessible Environments. These companies provide a range of options for bathtubs with handicap features.

The cost for handicap bathtubs can be more expensive than a standard tub, but for the benefits it provides can be a worthwhile investment. Costs for more affordable models can start around the $1,500 to $2,000 range and this can increase to $6,000 plus for some of the higher quality models.

If you have a disability or live with someone that does, then handicap bathtubs can be a common sense fixture to install. They are safer and more convenient to use for those with mobility issues and this can help them more easily bathe and enjoy the benefits of a hot bath.