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Luxury Bathtubs and Showers

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

We’d all love to have luxury bathtubs and showers in our bathrooms, though it’s not always practical.  Still, once in a while, you’ll have a craving to simply drop fall the lap of luxury and be pampered. It might just be a simple, meaningless act in the grand scheme of things but you may get some psychological satisfaction.  Even though it’s a small token, you can definitely enjoy some form of luxury in your home by purchasing and installing luxury bathtubs and showers at home.

There are quite a number of  high end bathtubs and showers for you to choose from. You will, however, have to get to know about them in order to make a good choice.

  1. Bio exposed thermostatic shower faucet set: You can choose to take a personal bath using the hand shower option on this unit but if you desire the effect of falling rain, you just have to turn on the rather over-sized shower head. Its unique design will house this unit comfortably in any bathroom. It also sports a thermostatic feature that allows you to control the temperature each time you take a shower. Other features of this shower include the following;

  1. A chrome finish that is well polished.

  2. A half inch thermostatic valve that is mounted on the wall.

  3. A brass cartridge, as well as a brass body.

  4. Provides you with the ability to adjust the temperature limit.

  5. The water flows at a high rate.

  1. Advanta Whirlpool Bathtub: It is the perfect getaway right inside your home. It is the kind of experience you’ll wish went on all day. A 10 micro-jet whirlpool is one of the features you will get in luxury bathtub. These jets are distributed evenly to give you maximum massage and relaxation. You have four of the jets at the backrest, two at the foot of the tub and two on either side of the tub. You need not fear that the water temperature will drop with time as you relax. It comes with an in-line water heater.

  2. Advanta ROSA Oval Acrylic Tub with Chromotherapy:   This is one of our favorites in the group of luxury bathtubs and showers that we’re discussing.  This luxury tub has sufficient space for two and is constructed ergonomically. It also comes with factory fitted chromotherapy features. The benefits that its chromotherapy features offer include the following;

  1. Its white color has a purifying effect on your body and spirit.

  2. Blue relaxes and calms you when you are under stress.

  3. Purple offers you a sense of tranquility and assists in detoxification as well as anxiety reduction.

  4. Orange helps your circulation and as well gives your body soothing feeling.

  1. Marquess AcraStone Bathtub: This fancy bathtub is a combination of old tradition and new technology. It has a very relaxing effect on you even visually. It is certainly a beautiful addition to your bathroom and home. It also sports the chromothrerapy feature that allows you to use colors to give yourself a sense of healing, relief, balance and general well-being.

If you really want to just relax in the lap of luxury in your home, you might want to pick up any of these luxury bathtubs and showers and have loads of fun with them. It will definitely be worth your while.