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Small Bathroom Design

Find a great small bathtub for your bathroom. Learn about what to look for first.

The biggest problem with small bathroom design, is coming up with the right ideas to make the most out of your space.   When it comes to smaller rooms, you can run into trouble by trying to add too much, or too little.  But no matter the size of your space, there are plenty of small bathroom design alternatives to turn any size room into a glorious lavatory that you’ll be perfectly happy with.  The main thing is simply getting creative enough to maximize the amount of room that you do have, instead of focusing on the space that isn’t available.

One of the best techniques when it comes to small bathroom design, is figuring out how to maximize your space, so that the area becomes more comfortable, and easier to navigate.  There are a variety of different techniques that you can employ to make any bathroom feel much more roomy than ever before.  One of the major ways to really make the room larger, is to consider installing a shower, instead of a bathtub.  These are much more compact, and can take up less than half the space.  This way you can really free up a lot of room, and have your bathroom feeling all the more comfortable.

Another small bathroom design technique that many people employ, is purchasing new sink fixtures, or even a new toilet that’s slightly smaller than before.  This can provide an extra few inches, which can have you feeling more comfortable, or can have the room looking much larger.  A big part of how you’ll perceive the room, is all about the visual feeling you receive when you look around.  Smaller items not only give you more space, but also make the room look larger, so that you won’t feel as though you have a small bathroom at all.

With any flooring project, it’s important to know exactly how big your space is, so that you can receive accurate estimates from retailers that supply flooring materials.  Because flooring can be so expensive, shopping around to find the right price is essential.  That means an important part of any small bathroom design, is knowing exactly how many square feet your room encompasses.  Only this way, can you determine how much redoing your floor is going to cost.  In most cases tile and other materials are sold by the square foot, so having an accurate estimate is essential, so that you can receive a good idea of the cost that you can expect.

If you’re still looking for more small bathroom design ideas, and you’re having trouble really coming up with something that you’ll be proud of, there are still more options.  You may want to try hiring an interior decorator, who can help you maximize the space and pick a theme you’ll enjoy.  If that’s not in the budget, you may want to consider designing your bathroom virtually online.  Websites like allow you to try out any small bathroom design technique in a virtual setting, so that you can get a feel for it’s practical application.  This can be a great way to feel out your bathroom, to build the perfect room you’re guaranteed to enjoy.